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Cambodia Stock Exchange
Last updated: 2013
Trade & Investment Promotion Unit - Royal Embassy of Cambodia - London
With the basic purpose of achieving high economic growth by facilitating flows of capital, investment and reallocation of capital based on capital market mechanisms, in November 2006, The Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Korea Exchange signed a Memorandum of understanding on “the Development of the Securities Market in Cambodia”. Based on this Memorandum of Understanding, the Prime Minister, Samdech HUN Sen hosted an international conference in November 2007 and proclaimed to launch of the Cambodia Securities Market project.

In 2008, another Memorandum of understanding on the “Establishment of a Cambodia Securities Exchange in the Kingdom of Cambodia” was signed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the kingdom of Cambodia and Korea Exchange.

In March 2009, the Royal Government of Cambodia represented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and Korea Exchange (KRX) has signed a “Joint-Venture Agreement” to establish a stock Market (“The Cambodia Securities Exchange Co., Ltd”), as a public enterprise in accordance with the Law on the General Statutes of Public Enterprises.

The Cambodia Securities Exchange was then incorporated in February 23rd, 2010. In accordance with the Joint-Venture Agreement, the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has been capitalized by both parties in which MEF owns 55% of the registered capital and KRX the remaining 45%.

In accordance with the Law on Issuance and Trading of Non-Government Securities, the CSX had been granted approval to function as market operator, clearing and settlement facility operator and depository operator.

On July 11, 2011, Cambodia opened its official stock exchange.

Listed Companies
Three state-owned enterprises have been instructed by the government to list their stocks for trading.

  1. Phnom Penh Water Supply (Energy & Utilities)
  2. Telecom Cambodia (Communications)
  3. Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (Commerce)

Member Institutions Licensed for Underwriting
The following brokerage firms hold membership to the CSX and are authorized to perform securities underwriting:

  1. Phnom Penh Securities Firm Plc.
  2. OSK Indochina Securities Limited
  3. Cambodia - Vietnam Securities Plc.
  4. Cana Securities Ltd.
  5. Campu Securities Plc.
  6. Tong Yang Securities (Cambodia) Plc.
  7. SBI Royal Securities Plc

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